среда, 31 августа 2011 г.

02-03.09.2011: «PARANOYA FESTIVAL» # 8 in Dresden, Germany!

02.09. Freitag 20.00:

20.00 HUNTSVILLE STAIRSWEEPPERS (rockin HC/ Crust, Meissen) www.myspace.com/stairsweepers
21.00 REACTORY (Trash Metal, Berlin) de.myspace.com/metalmutantsfromhell
22.00 FINISTERRE (Crustpunk, Köln) www.myspace.com/finisterror
23.00 GUN MOB (Crustpunk, Mannheim) www.myspace.com/thegunmob
24.00 AKTIVNA PROPOGANDA (Anarcho HC/Punk, Slowenien) www.myspace.com/aktivna666
01.00 ALLRUINS (Rocking Crust mit Leuten von Visions Of War, Liege, Belg.) www.myspace.com/allruin
02.00 DOGSHOLYLIFE // HC-Punk aus Los Angeles/Kalifornien www.myspace.com/dogsholylife
+ Trash disco

03.09. Samstag ab 15.00:

15.00 TANGLED LINES (fastcore HC/ Dresden) www.myspace.com/thetangledlines
16.00 NUCLEAR CULT(allstar Fastcore, Berlin) www.myspace.com/nuclearcult
17.00 HGW (HC/Crust, Pl.) www.myspace.com/hgwpunk
18.00 STAGNATION IS DEATH (Crusty HC,Pl.) www.myspace.com/stagnationisdeath
19.00 NOIA (Crust/ Italy) www.myspace.com/noianera
20.00 PROFIT AND MURDER (200% HC/Punk, Bremen/Osnabrück) www.profitandmurder.net
21.00 PARTiYA (Crustpunk, Belarus) www.myspace.com/partiya
22.00 BESTHöVEN (D-Beat, Brazil) www.myspace.com/besthoven
23.00 KONTATTO (fast Crustcore, Italy) www.myspace.com/kontatto
24.00 CANCER SPREADING (D-Beat, Italy) de.myspace.com/cancerspreading
01.00 HUMAN COMPOST (Metalcrust, France) www.humancompost.cjb.net
02.00 LINK (dirty metalcrust, Belgium) www.myspace.com/linkrocks
+ 80er disse
Please No smoking inside!!!
Burning Kitchen Crew : Vegan Food, Camping

Friday : 7E        |       Saturday : 12E       |       Together : 15E

суббота, 27 августа 2011 г.

ДОСТУПЕН CD: ПАРТиЯ «Восставшие Из Зада» [2011] | CD AVAILABLE NOW: PARTiYA «Assholeraisers» [2011]

ДОСТУПЕН CD: ПАРТиЯ «Восставшие Из Зада» [2011]: краст-панк с элементами грайнда из Минска (Беларусь). Диджипак содержит в себе 20 трэков на диске, фото, буклет с текстами и комментариями. 
Выпущено в августе 2011 при участии дистро/лэйблов [NO BREADS]  / [ПРИМИТИВ-ДИСТРО].
Приобрести диск и тем-самым поддержать группу / обменяться / взять на дистро - для всего этого пишите сюда: okpunkrock@gmail.com
Также, эту запись можно послушать прямо сейчас (обложка и текста включены в файл-архив). 
CD AVAILABLE NOW: PARTiYA «Assholeraisers» [2011]: crust-punk with elements of grind from Minsk (Belarus). Digipack contains 20 tracks on the disc, photo, booklet with lyrics and comments. Released with participation of distro / labels [NO BREADS] / [PRIMITIVE-DISTRO] in august 2011.
To get a CD in order to support the band / trade / take on your distro - feel free to write here: okpunkrock@gmail.com
Also, you can listen to this record right now (the cover and lyrics are included in the archive file).

понедельник, 15 августа 2011 г.


PARTiYA’s booking will be finished soon. I think it is my last attempt to make a concert in our free days. May be you or your friends can help us with a concert in your city / booking or contacts?
Please, see our tour plan or flyer!
We need help with these dates:
02.09 (need help!) - the concert was canceled
and we need help in Poland, Wrocław / Częstochowa etc
06.09 (need help!) Slovakia / Czech republic
18.09 (need help!) Poland, Warsaw / Poznan / etc
PARTiYA's tour 2011 in september:
Crust-punk band from Belarus with new material (new record will be released soon! listen to our new songs on myspace profile or first 2 songs in the MP3 player of this blog). We will have CD’s with new record in our coming tour!
Please, check these links:

It is not obligatory to stick exactly to this plan. If you could help us with gigs in some other cities on our way or you know someone who can help, please, contact us.

01.09 Poland, Puławy «Garage» place
02.09 (NEED HELP!) the concert was canceled 
       and we need help in Poland, Wrocław / Częstochowa etc
03.09 Germany, Dresden «Paranoya Festival»
04.09 Czech republic, Rakovnik «Letiste» club
05.09 Czech republic, Prague «DisCentrum» club
06.09 (NEED HELP!) Slovakia, Bratislava / Czech republic, Brno
07.09 Hungary, Budapest «BlackMachine» club
08.09 Austria, Vienna «EKH» squat
09.09 Germany, München «Kafe Marat»
10.09 Germany, Karlsruhe «Halle 14»
11.09 Germany, Köln «Wagenplatz»
12.09 Germany, Mainz «Haus Mainusch»
13.09 Holland, Leiden «SUB071» squat
14.09 Holland, Nijmegen «de Onderbroek»
15.09 Germany, Magdeburg «Libertäres Zentrum»
16.09 Germany, Leipzig «Plaque» club
17.09 Germany, Berlin «Köpi» squat
18.09 (NEED HELP!) Poland, Warsaw / Poznan
***3-9th of september we will play together with HUMAN COMPOST (metal-crust from France): http://www.humancompost.cjb.net/ 

We are 4 people from PARTiYA + driver and several people of support. We have only amps (without boxes)… We would like to get some money as we need to pay for the rent of bus and petrol! And we need some food, drinks and sleeping places. Thanks in advance!  I will wait for your answer in any case… Hope we will see you soon! Greetings and good luck!
Mysh / PARTiYA 

вторник, 9 августа 2011 г.

воскресенье, 7 августа 2011 г.

12-13.08.2011: «FFUD FEST» №2 - SLOVAKIA!

«VSEM PIZDETS» вторая часть сборника | «VSEM PIZDETS» the second part of the compilation

«VSEM PIZDETS»: вторая часть сборника от лэйбла «EVIL PUNK RECORDS» (Витебск, Беларусь); на этот раз в сборке принимают участие 18 групп из Беларуси, Украины и России: DISHARMONIA | KOMATOZ | SKRUTA | DAMAGES | АБСУРД | V.T.R. | DESTROYERS | ЗАВОДЪ | PLASTID | THE SYMBIOZ | KAWAKAMI NIGHTMARE | БЕДА | ПАРТиЯ | DISPLEASE |  MOTORIZER | ZADUM | THE MINC | БУНТ РАДИ БУНТА
Этот сборник можно приобрести на [EVIL PUNK RECORDS] и [ПРИМИТИВ-ДИСТРО]!
«VSEM PIZDETS»:the second part of the compilation from «EVIL PUNK RECORDS» label (Vitebsk, Belarus); 18 bands from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia take part in this compilation : DISHARMONIA | KOMATOZ | SKRUTA | DAMAGES | ABSURD | V.T.R. | DESTROYERS | ZAVOD | PLASTID | THE SYMBIOZ | KAWAKAMI NIGHTMARE | BEDA | PARTiYA | DISPLEASE | MOTORIZER | ZADUM | THE MINC | BUNT RADI BUNTA
You can get this compilation at the [EVIL PUNK RECORDS] and [PRIMITIVE-DISTRO] as well!