четверг, 29 сентября 2011 г.

«EVIL PUNK» zine № 7 (2011):

Зин из Витебска (Беларусь) на русском языке. Доступен на бумаге на [«EVIL PUNK RECORDS»]  Также доступен для свободного скачивания. Предыдущие номера зина можно скачать [здесь].
Zine from Vitebsk (Belarus) in russian language. Paper version is available -  [«EVIL PUNK RECORDS»]; also available for free download. Previous issues of zine you can download [here].

пятница, 23 сентября 2011 г.

PARTiYA: "Paranoya Festival" in Dresden "Chemiefabrik" 03.09.2011

ПАРТиЯ Где Твоя Реакция? / PARTiYA Where Is Your Reaction?

ПАРТиЯ Цирки И Зоопарки / PARTiYA Circus And Zoo


We are at home… And we want to say really big thanks to all new and old friends for everething! Also thanks a lot to all bands who played with us and all organizers of concerts for all support! It was really fucking great time! See you next time! Greetings and good luck!
Mysh / PARTiYA
***3-9th of september together with [HUMAN COMPOST] band (metal-crust from France).