вторник, 12 сентября 2017 г.

26.08.2017: PARTiYA - Live in Dresden: «PARANOYA FESTIVAL»:


Hello my friends! 
PARTiYA's tour was finished some weeks ago. It was amazing time for us! 6 countries and 8 concerts for 11 days: Was really really great to play on «MORE NOISE FOR LIFE» FEST in Czech and on «PARANOYA FESTIVAL» in Germany and play on a concerts in Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany and visit Italy (on the road). Thanks a lot to all organisers of the fests and concerts and thanks to «KULTUR AKTIV» for help with visas! Also thanks a lot to our friends who coming on our shows! Really nice time for us! Hope to see you again our friends! Cheers!
Mysh & PARTiYA

P.S. Photo with friends and organisers of «MORE NOISE FOR LIFE» and «PARANOYA FEST» (Dresden, 27.08.2017).