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Доступен 7 EP сплит: ПАРТиЯ / HUMAN COMPOST! | PARTiYA / HUMAN COMPOST 7EP split is available!

ПАРТиЯ: краст-грайнд-панк из Беларуси; HUMAN COMPOST: метал-краст из Франции. Винил содержит 8 трэков. Выпущен в августе 2017-го года при поддержке 8-ми дистро / лэйблов.
Чтобы приобрести сплит / обменяться / взять на дистро, контактируйте с лэйблами - контакты внизу этого сообщения. Так же, винил доступен и на [«ПРИМИТИВ-ДИСТРО»].
PARTiYA: crust-grind-punk from Belarus; HUMAN COMPOST: metal / crust from France. Vinyl contains 8 tracks. In august 2017 it was released with support of 8 distro / labels.
To get split / trade / take it on your distro - feel free to contact labels - check it below of this post. Also vinyl is available in [«PRIMITIVE-DISTRO»].

Контакты лэйблов / дистро, которые издали эту семёрку: 
Contacts with labels / distro who released this 7EP:

- «TANKER RECORDS» [Франция | France]

- «DEAF DEATH HUSKY RECORDS» [Франция | France]

- «BLACK AGAINST NIGHT RECORDS» [Македония | Macedonia]

- «DELUSION OF TERROR RECORDS» [Филиппины | Philippines]

- «NO BREAD!» [Россия | Russia]

- «ENRAGE RECORDS» [Россия | Russia]

- «ROTTEN SMILE REC.» [Латвия | Latvia]

- «BYLLEPEST DISTRO» [Норвегия | Norway]

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26.08.2017: PARTiYA - Live in Dresden: «PARANOYA FESTIVAL»:


Hello my friends! 
PARTiYA's tour was finished some weeks ago. It was amazing time for us! 6 countries and 8 concerts for 11 days: Was really really great to play on «MORE NOISE FOR LIFE» FEST in Czech and on «PARANOYA FESTIVAL» in Germany and play on a concerts in Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany and visit Italy (on the road). Thanks a lot to all organisers of the fests and concerts and thanks to «KULTUR AKTIV» for help with visas! Also thanks a lot to our friends who coming on our shows! Really nice time for us! Hope to see you again our friends! Cheers!
Mysh & PARTiYA

P.S. Photo with friends and organisers of «MORE NOISE FOR LIFE» and «PARANOYA FEST» (Dresden, 27.08.2017).

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вторник, 25 июля 2017 г.


:::PARTiYA - crust-grind-punk from Belarus [since 2000]:
Please, check these links for info / music / etc:

It is not obligatory to stick exactly to this plan. If you could help us 
with gigs in some other cities on our way or you know someone who can help, please, contact us.

17.08.2017 [thu] Poland, Warsaw, «Przychodnia» squat
18.08.2017 [fri] Czech, «MORE NOISE FOR LIFE» FEST - DAY 1 
19.08.2017 [sat] Czech, «MORE NOISE FOR LIFE» FEST - DAY 2
20.08.2017 [sun] Hungary, Székesfehérvár, «8-as Muhely»
21.08.2017 [mon] Day Off, Italy, Bergamo
22.08.2017 [tue] Switzerland, Fribourg, «Cafe XXe»
23.08.2017 [wed] Switzerland, tba
24.08.2017 [thu] Germany, Cologne, «Halle am Rhein»
25.08.2017 [sat] Germany, Dresden, «PARANOYA FESTIVAL»  -  DAY 1
26.08.2017 [sat] Germany, Dresden, «PARANOYA FESTIVAL» - DAY 2
27.08.2017 [sun] Poland, Szczecin, «Kolumba 4»

We are 5 people from PARTiYA + driver.
Sorry but unfortunately we don't have backline this year.
We would like to get some money as we need to pay for roads rent of the van and diesel and we need some food, drinks and sleeping places. 
Send your answers on the e-mail: okpunkrock@gmail.com 
(to Mysh | PARTiYA)
Please, repost this message to friends who can help us.
Hope to see you soon!
Thanks in advance! 

25-26.08.2017: «PARANOYA FESTIVAL» [Германия | Germany]: